Sewing For Dummies – How To Sew On A Button

Sewing For Dummies – How To Sew On A Button
Sewing For Dummies – How To Sew On A Button

This quick tip doesn’t require the use of a machine, instead, it’s a quick and easy guide to sew back on that flat button that just fell off in a few minutes. All you need for this is the button (of course), some matching thread or as close to matching as possible, a pair of scissors and a pin or additional needle. Now, thread the needle and insert into the fabric and into the button from the inside. Place the second needle (or pin) on top of the button and thread over it and go back into the button hole. Do this several times in fact.

If the button has four instead of two holes repeat the above with the next two holes. Do this several times for each two holes. When finished, make sure the threaded needle is in the back of the fabric, knot the threads and cut. Then pull out the pin (or needle) on top and secure by gently pulling on the button.

Sewing For Dummies – Simple Troubleshooting

The first way to avoid any problems with your machine is to not neglect the regular maintenance as laid out in your machine’s manual. Most of these are simple tasks that only take a few minutes but in the long run are well worth it.

Always make sure the needle is nice and straight. Even a slightly bent needle can lead to stitches that are skipped. Another tip is to always use the high quality thread for your machine. Cheaper threads can break or get knotted up easily. Also, if thread problems arise, recheck to make sure it’s threaded properly even if it means rethreading and starting over. Check the bobbin for any wear or looseness from time to time. If the thread starts jamming a likely culprit is the needle itself, it probably is too large.

Sewing For Dummies – Basic Sewing Tools 

Naturally, if you are going to be sewing, there are basic tools that you absolutely must have in order to do a professional looking job. So let’s list the most very basic ones first which include: scissors, shears, tape measure, large assortment of different threads, thimbles, rulers and a pin cushion

To do advanced sewing and larger projects, you will need a good quality sewing machine. On the front page of this site, we list several models from Bernina. Lastly, make sure you have a good supply of needles of various sizes for hand or machine sewing. Having the right tools before you start any sewing project, big or small, can save hours of frustration.

Sewing For Dummies – Threading A Sewing Machine

Whether you have an older machine or something much newer, this is an easy task. Some newer models have auto threading to make life much simpler. Anyway, here is a basic guide for threading. Firstly, move the presser foot in the up position and put a spool of thread onto the spool holder. Now look for a thread guide running on top of the machine and insert the thread. Easy enough, huh?

Next, we are looking for a tension mechanism. Newer machines can adjust this electronically after you insert the thread. If you have an older model there is a take-up area which moves up and down and the thread goes here next. Look for thread guides going down to the machine’s needle and thread it. This sounds somewhat complicated but in reality, it’s very easy.

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